Mercury in compact fluorescent lighting

Compact fluorescent light bulbs offer significant environmental benefits over incandescent bulbs because they are more energy efficient, which reduces their climate footprint. However, they do contain a small amount of mercury, which can be released into the environment if the bulb is broken upon disposal.

Vicki Fulbright addressed this topic in her presentation at the 2005 ENERGY STAR Lighing Partners Meeting, “The CFL Mercury Conundrum: Northwest Utilities Respond“. She discusses the conundrum, reasons to recycle, and profiles successful recycling programs from throughout the United States.

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2 Replies to “Mercury in compact fluorescent lighting”

  1. There does not need to be a debate or discussion.

    Very nice LED’s have been on the market and in my home for over 4 years… Our company could not afford to run Fluorescents.

    Why is this technology still being pushed as “Eco” when it is 10-100% less efficient than proven alternatives and has waste ramifications we are well aware of?

    Please include LED benefits and alternatives to Fluorescents in this post.


    Christopher Haase

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