Four Hoosier Companies Recognized for Environmental Leadership: Businesses to Participate in IDEM’s ESP

[Post author: Wayne Duke]

Having demonstrated long-term compliance with environmental laws, four Indiana companies have made commitments to implement continuous environmental improvements. The four, Kimball Office and GKN Sinter Metals, both of Salem, Kimball Office, Jasper, and NTN Driveshaft, Inc., Columbus, have been accepted into the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s (IDEM’s) Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP).

“Sound environmental management is good for business, and these companies recognize this,” said IDEM Commissioner Thomas Easterly. “Members of IDEM’s ESP voluntarily eliminate waste, preserve resources and protect Hoosiers and the environment. They definitely deserve recognition for going beyond the basic requirements of the law.”

This is the fifth year of the ESP program, and currently there are 50 members. ESP’s newest members and their environmental initiatives include:

GKN Sinter Metals, GKN PLC – Salem (Washington County)
During its first year of membership, GKN Sinter Metals has agreed to reduce and recycle scrap metals and reuse ceramic heating plates. Efforts will result in a reduction of 65 kilograms of waste per ton of product shipped by the end of 2010.

Kimball Office – Jasper (Dubois County)
Kimball Office in Jasper intends to reduce landfill waste by encouraging vendors to reduce packaging and by obtaining items cut to size to reduce scrap. It will also begin training employees to reduce waste. Efforts will result in the reduction of 51,593 pounds of waste, equivalent to a 2 percent reduction of waste.

Kimball Office – Salem (Washington County)
Kimball Office in Salem has agreed to switch to UV finishing to have less sandpaper waste, eliminate water pans, use reusable filters, and use electronic carts, which eliminates the use of cardboard in the finishing line. Efforts will result in the reduction of 203,432 pounds of waste, equivalent to a 2.5 percent reduction of all waste.

NTN Driveshaft, Inc. – Columbus (Bartholomew County)
To reduce water consumption, NTN Driveshaft, Inc. will examine its water usage and recycle treated wastewater. Efforts will result in approximately 144,000 gallons of treated wastewater being reused by the end of 2010.

To become an ESP member, businesses must maintain an exemplary compliance record, certify that they have adopted and implemented an approved environmental management system, and commit to specific measures for continued improvement in their environmental performance.

By continually improving their environmental performance, ESP members qualify for expedited permit review, reduced reporting frequencies, and coordination of compliance inspections. To maintain ESP membership, companies must report on their environmental initiatives every year and reapply for ESP membership every three years.

For details about the program, visit IDEM’s Web site at