USGBC Digital Resource Catalog

The following is a guest post by Anne Less, Knowledge Center Specialist for the U.S. Green Building Council. For more information about the UGBC’s Knowledge Center, as well as to search their catalog (available on Library Thing), visit

In order to serve the ever-growing professional development needs of the green building community, over the past year, the USGBC Knowledge Exchange team has collected and cataloged over 400 free digital resources that relate to green building.  The USGBC Resource Catalog includes a wide variety of resources on green building topics, including energy efficiency, materials, affordable housing, best practices, business cases, etc.  This collection, which is limited to free, educational, non-promotional resources, aims to inspire a commitment to lifelong learning and sustainable building practices and behaviors.

The USGBC Resource Catalog can be found at

Content suggestions are always welcome!  To recommend an item for the Resource Catalog, please email

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