Support GLRPPR with an In-Kind Contribution

The conference in Indianapolis was a success and we appreciate the time and effort of those who attended, presented, and discussed the issues on the agenda. If you attended the conference, please consider submitting an In-Kind Contribution for the time you invested in GLRPPR activities. GLRPPR is required by U.S. EPA to obtain in-kind funding contributions from individuals who participate in activities related to the program. By completing the online In-Kind Contribution Form every time that you invest your time in GLRPPR activities, you have the opportunity to help sustain the program.

Examples of activities that qualify for in-kind contributions include:

  • Attending conferences,
  • Participating in committee activities,
  • Contributing resources for the GLRPPR web site
  • Providing information to be shared among the region (i.e. articles for the blog, conference announcements, etc).

What expenses and activities count?

  • Travel to and from GLRPPR meetings and conferences.
  • Work hours NOT paid for out of federal grant funds.*
  • Materials and supplies used for GLRPPR activities.

*Include preparation time in office, travel time, time spent working on GLRPPR related project activities, and time spent working at meetings (including conference calls) conferences and GLRPPR sponsored training.

If you have any questions about in-kind contributions, please contact GLRPPR Executive Director Bob Iverson.

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