Indiana suspends some grant programs.

[Post author: Bob Iverson]

Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Like rest of nation, The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) is trying to adjust to the current economic climate.

As all levels of government across the country grapple and adjust to
landmark budget reductions, IDEM is working to effectively manage grant and loan programs while safeguarding Hoosier tax dollars.

IDEM is temporarily suspending state-funded grant and loan programs for
business and local government recycling and pollution prevention projects. These loan and grant programs require local government and businesses to put up matching dollars, which may not be feasible at this time because of the economy. State grant and loan programs temporarily suspended include: Waste Tire grants, Recycling grants, Pollution
Prevention grants, Public Education Promotion grants, Household
Hazardous Waste grants, and Recycling Market and Development Program loans.

“Current programs and local recycling programs offered by local Solid Waste Management Districts should not be affected, and the public will still be able to find recycling services and information provided by IDEM and their local overnment,” said Thomas Easterly, IDEM
commissioner. “And the temporary change should have no adverse impact on
the numerous stewardship and pollution programs or federally-funded grant and loan programs IDEM facilitates.”

“IDEM is still continuing to provide free technical assistance on recycling efforts, and this base of knowledge is invaluable,” said Rick Bossingham, assistant commissioner for IDEM’s Office of Pollution
Prevention and Technical Assistance. “We strongly encourage businesses
and citizens to tap into this valuable state resource and wealth of information to identify and find alternative ways to conduct operations in a manner that is more efficient, yet environmentally-friendly.”

Additional information about IDEM and its programs can be found at

About IDEM
IDEM ( implements federal and state regulations
regarding the environment. Through compliance assistance, incentive
programs and educational outreach, the agency encourages and aids
business and citizens in protecting Hoosiers and our environment.

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