Apply for Third Round of U.S. DOE Industrial Energy Assessments

Save Energy Now logoIn a previous post, I described the U.S. Department of Energy’s Industrial Technologies Program Save Energy Now initiative. On August 20th, DOE began accepting applications for the third round of free industrial energy assessments. According to the DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) News, the program has already performed energy assessments at 253 industrial plants throughout the United States which have resulted in annual energy savings of nearly $63 million; currently planned projects are expected to yield another $263 million in annual energy savings. The assessments focus primarily on energy-intensive components and systems, such as fans, pumps, and systems for process heating, steam, and compressed air. Initial selections of industrial plants for energy assessments will be made starting in mid-September, and additional selections will be announced periodically until the target of 250 assessments is reached for the calendar year 2008. For more information and to apply for an assessment, visit the Save Energy Now web site.

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  1. I’m glad DOE is investing in projects like this.

    Meanwhile, I wanted to let you know about a study coming out in early September showing that cleaning up the Great Lakes will have economic benefits that actually outweigh the costs of the whole undertaking.

    Look for it online at:

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