Making the Holiday Season Greener

December is almost here, which means that the winter holidays are once again upon us. In the spirit of the season, check out these resources to help make your holiday season a little greener.

P2 for the Holidays is an excellent compendium of resources that encourage celebrating the season while avoiding waste.’s Simplify the Holidays web site is also an excellent resource for making your holiday season greener and less hectic.

Brian Smith wrote “Recycling Christmas” for the Environmental News Service in December 2002. In it, he told the story of how his family decided to make the holidays simpler by giving “recycled” holiday gifts and avoiding the hectic shopping season.’s Family Crafts editor has compiled a nice list of instructions for making recycled ornaments out of everything from used lightbulbs to CDs. provides instructions for making ornaments out of old holiday cards.

BellaOnline offers suggestions for making earth-friendly gift wrap.

If you know of other resources, login and leave them in the comments.